About Us

The human care laboratory is the leading pathology laboratory that is established to be the most trusted laboratory partner providing the state of art-medical diagnostic solutions enabling the doctors to do accurate and timely medical research and come up with suitable treatments to improve the quality of life and health of the patients.

Human care Labourites was established in July 2009 and took an oath to provide excellent patient care by giving complete, high quality, and reliable laboratory testing along with patient-focused expert consultation. We have achieved excellence in:


 Chemical pathology




 Molecular genetics


 Special chemistry


 Transfusion medicine

 Nuclear medicine

 Molecular biology

Genetic testing

 Clinical biochemistry

 Drug abuse testing

When coming to us, don’t think much about prices as our charges are extremely reasonable and affordable. For those who trust us but can’t afford that many low prices, we also have ” HumanCareLab schemes ” for the people living in minorities. The HumanCare lab is equipped with scientifically and medically automated testing facilities, as well as the latest generation testing equipment and analyzers, which are also in use. Our workforce team is working for exceptional customer service, a continuous quality improvement that is directly according to our customer’s expectations, and also to produce awareness about health issues under one roof round the clock 24|7. Especially during the pandemic, we focused on providing real-time PCR testing facilities by home sampling.

Our tests are based on:





 Predictive value

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